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THE THEME for Tampere Goes Agile 2017 is: Alternatives to Established Agile Approaches.

Sometimes organisations and teams adopt tools or frameworks without thinking why those tools emerged and were adopted in the first place. A method or a process can get so popular that people forget to ask themselves what problem this method was built to address, do we have this same problem and if so, how should we apply this method - or should we address this problem in a totally different way.

This year we are returning to the essence of agile: inspect and adapt. We will share you talks and workshops on unique approaches emerged from learning in practice. We will share stories how organisations found their own solutions and not going with the obvious choice - or how the obvious choice turned out be something else.

We are looking for sponsors in order to keep this event free of charge, please see our sponsorship portfolio. If your company would like to work more closely with the organizers or you have other collaboration ideas please let us know. Please contact organizers@tamperegoesagile.fi.

Tampere Goes Agile is a free, fun and friendly agile conference in Tampere, organized by Agile Finland ry. In 2017, it takes place on Saturday 28.10. at Tampere Hall.

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Ballroom 1 Ballroom 2
10:00 - 10:15 Opening the conference
10:15-15:50 TBD
16:50-16:00 Closing the conference


To be determined